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Five card stud

Scritto da Pokerista

The five-card stud is played very similar to Seven card stud. The obvious difference is that each player gets, you guessed it, 5 cards. The first dealt face down and four face up with the discoveries.

Dark (Ante)

You like all the other players you must file a sommaprima any cards are dealt. The amount of the Ante reflects the limits of the table … the lowest limit as the lowest leaves. Tables with $ 0.50 / $ 1.00 do not include doors, those with limits 10.00 / $ 20.00 were $ 1.00 ante.


There will be dealt one card face down known as the “hole card” and a discovery. The player with the lowest value card by suit (from lowest to highest – spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs) should open the “bring-in” the first round of betting with a forced bet of half the value lower limit allowed. Do not worry too much about who should start, who will be the second, etc.., It will be the software to indicate which player is required to open. The next player who must act, to the left of the first roll, you can “complete” the bet, cover, pass. After the first betting round, three more up cards are dealt, a betting round after each card. In our 5-card stud is allowed one bet and three rilanci.All ‘last raise is “put the hat” and the only options that remain are covering the previous bet or fold.

Betting structure

The value of the table (stakes) determines the maximum bet limit granted to a player in each round. For example, a table value of $ 1 – $ 2 limit per bet will be $ 1in the first two rounds and $ 2 in the last round of betting. We allow one bet and three raises in our other casinos.

 The first two rounds of betting Tsono arranged at the lower end of the table. The exception to this rule is when a player plays have a pair after what is called third street (ie after receiving the second upcard). All players then have the opportunity to bet the maximum allowed by the second round of betting. If the player bets the maximum amount, then, all subsequent players must wager the maximum amount. The last two betting rounds are always the maximum amount.

Showdown: The first person to show their hand will be one that will last bet or raised. All five cards must be used at showdown. The player with the higher value will win the piatto.In if you are having more winning hands, the pot will each score and odd chips will go to the player nearest the dealer button or “D” representing him.