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The game formats: multi-table tournaments

Scritto da Pokerista

The World Poker Tour and the Late Night Poker are series of tournaments  where both players participate in numerous, receiving a predefined amount of chips by which to start playing until they lose them and you are eliminated. In this format the blinds increase at predetermined time intervals. In the events ‘rebuy’ it is possible repurchase the chips once they have lost all those with whom they had started but in the events ‘freezeout’ if you lose all your chips, even if this is the first hand, you would be out immediately .

The tournaments can be great fun and often offer prizes to those who can change your life (for example the great online competitions on Sunday $ 200 pay about $ 80,000 to those who arrive first). But keep in mind that the pot of gold that seems to them that there are aspects to the bottom of a path is quite steep (the 2005 WSOP main event saw 2576 players compete!). It ‘s really hard to get a good profit by merely playing tournaments. Often those millionaires who wins has to spend a minimum percentage of his winnings in cash. On the positive side tournaments are the glamorous side of poker and it is probably the future.

Bankroll Requirements: Due to the variety of buy-ins, the number of players participating and the big luck factor, trying to make money through tournaments is strongly discouraged – they should rather be considered as a small investment of a portion of the cash winnings. Investment they have made the fortune and groped the big prize, or perhaps to achieve fame and sponsorship future. Play respecting fully the costs you can afford and be very selective in selecting events that offer a good profit not only to the winners.