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Pot limit Omaha: things to do and to do not

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Things to do
Be selective at the beginning of the hands. To have an obligation to choose the right move in starting hand, depending on your current situation.
Be selective when choosing a table. You should try to only play in games where there are limits. A positive element is to have a couple of weak players at the table.
Locate opponents play. It is important to give an immediate assessment of the opponents.
Raised or left. it is better to close or bet / raise. Do not call unless you have a valid reason as to look for in a trap an opponent.
Pay attention to most of the bets and raises a certain value. Most players do not bluff in Pot-Limit Omaha.Best bets on the hands that will happen. This will increase the attempts of cheating during the game and win more hands without working too hard against their opponents.
Try to get some good hands in the dishes multi-mode. However, do not engage in abstractions that there is no added value.
Things to do not
Coupled with a good flush draw. Unlike Texas Hold’em, you can not win the pot by coupling the ace in your hand or with a flush, that is, five cards of the same suit, even if there are no cards on the table that can be coupled.
Try to draw a scale of eight. Since it is possible to have a flop of 13, 17 and 20 in Omaha, you should wait and try to get those first steps to engage in the pot.
Playing too axes unsuitable. To improve your hand you can not use too many flops.Trap handsThose hands, which are very good at first but then prove to be the second best hands are better known as trap hands. Always pay attention to trap hands because they are able to make me lose all the money you have accumulated. There are three types of trap hands in Pot-Limit Omaha: hands with small pairs, the overlapping hands low and flush with small hands. These hands are discussed in detail below.
Hands are the hands of the pairs in which the couples are under nine. These hands are dangerous because it is difficult to withdraw from a hand if you flop three of a kind. If you’re in a fight tris bigger, you have to draw another card. The time to play a couple minor is when your money is scarce. When you are in this situation, the right thing to do would be to engage all the money you have if you make a flop with the trio.
Hands are considered low overlap with those hands with the four lowest cards linked together, like 5c-4s-3d-2s. The danger is to make flop or catch the lower part of the scale.
Flush with small hands are the hands risk. You can not commit too much money with one hand with a small flush, and if you were planning to do, consider yourself beaten.