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Poker, all you need to know about limit Texas Holdem

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In Limit Texas Hold’em betting are fixed. There are small bets (small bets) and big bets (big bets).
Small bets are used in the first two rounds of betting and the big bets are used in the third and fourth rounds of betting. Lebig bets are always double the amount of small bets.

One player is the dealer (in a casino that person has a “button” of plastic in front of him) and he sits in a place called button. The button determines the order in which players must act in the hand and moves clockwise after each hand is played. The first player to the left of the button (seat No. 1) is a forced bet on the table, called the “small blind”, and also the second player to the left of the button (seat No. 2) is a forced bet on the table, called “blind“.

The blind is always the same size as the small bet, while the small blind is usually half the size of the “big blind”. For example, in a game $ 10 / $ 20 the small bet is $ 10 and the big bet is $ 20. Therefore, the big blind is 10 $ (the size of the small bet) and the small blind is $ 5 (half the size of the blind and the small bet-

Cards are dealt clockwise, starting with the player to the left of the button (the small bet) ending with the player acting as a dealer (the button). Each player receives two cards, which are placed face-down on the table: this is the starting hand.

The action begins with the player sitting to the left of the big blind (seat No. 3, also known as the “first to speak” or “Under The Gun”). This player has the option to leave (throw his hole cards in the middle of the table, in English “fold”), see (put the same amount of the blind on the table, in English, “call”) or raise (putting two small bets in front of him, in English “raise”).

The action now moves up to Number 4 (the player sitting to the left of the post number 3), which has the option to fold, call, raise or raise again (but only if it is raised in front of him). The betting continues clockwise until each player who has left has contributed to the pot with the same amount of chips.