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Community card poker, Draw Poker and Stud Poker: three poker specialties

Scritto da Pokerista

Who in your life has ever dreamed of playing at the casino of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas and maybe crack a bank?  Today you can experience similar emotions directly from home in the comfort of your couch. Suffice it to download and you can play poker online. There are many variations of poker in which players can try their hand, which test their skills.

You decide the amount you want to spend, so if you’re lucky you can carry around in your home a nice nest egg. But if you understand that your evening is wrong not to play too much and wait for better times. Playing poker online makes it possible for all those interested in playing with people from all over the world, and maybe even make friends virtual. The terms of payment and withdrawal are safe, then you have the confidence to play and enjoy total peace of mind.

There are various specialties of poker, each with its own rules and its mechanics. These specialties are divided into 3 classes: Community card poker, Draw Poker, Stud Poker.

Draw Poker
In the category of Draw Poker are the specialties of poker in which there has to be the Ante in the pot, that is usually made that bet with the dealer or from all players before starting a hand. Players are then dealt 4 or 5 cards that can be replaced if necessary at any stage of the game.

Stud Poker
The specialty of Stud Poker Players receive cards one at a time, some other discoveries covered. The cards dealt can not be changed.

Community card poker
Then there is the third group of specialties, those in the group Community Card Poker, in which each player receives a certain number of cards and can get the point in different ways by combining their cards with a number of community cards. Of this group belong to the famous Omaha and Texas Hold’em.

There is a fourth class that derives from the first three improper. This is a set of specialty hybrid in which system of play are provided for some of the rules of specialty belonging to the three main groups. The specialties are H.O.R.S.E., H.O.S.E. and Mixed Game.